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Hey friends,
I'm Jenn!

Specializing in skin care and makeup

Jenn is originally from Boston. She loves travelling and spending time with her nieces and nephews. Her main love is her 12 year old Golden Retriever, Rohan. 

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Jenn Quinn

I’ve always loved being creative and art so I happened to find myself drawn to makeup artistry. Once I started working with makeup, I learned how important skin is in achieving a beautiful finished look. I fell in love with skincare and treatments. 

My goal when I meet a new client is to help them take care of their skin so they feel confident with or without makeup. That's why I became an esthetician and makeup artist. I can't wait to meet you and take care of your skin!

In my spare time, I love painting and reading. My ideal trip would be a road trip to any of our gorgeous National parks! I love spending time outdoors. It's always an added bonus if I get to spend that time with my nieces and nephews or my dog, Rohan!

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